Summer Makeup Essentials

It's hot out there and makeup isn't always ideal to wear in the summer time. Today I will be giving you some tips on How to Summer Proof your Makeup!

  • Moisturizer and Primer are always a must have even  when it's hot out, these two products will help your makeup stay on all day and night.

  • Go sheer ! Heavy eye or face makeup can become cakey throughout the day. My go to cover up foundation in the summer is a simple tinted moisturizer and concealer. This helps me to cover any imperfections  while still feeling and looking  fresh.

  • Waterproof Mascara will be your best friend. During the summer, the beach and pool are an all time must and you want to be prepared and keep that mascara in place.

  • Eliminate Shine and Add Glow! I know highlighting is a huge trend right now but when the weather is hot  your highlight can become  shiny instead of a healthy glow. Use a bronzer instead on just the high points of the face. This will leave you with no shine and a healthy summer glow.

  • Lastly ditch the lipstick and get a lip stain. These will last you all throughout those crazy summer nights!